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has been working as ABAP consultant, is now in house taking care of software modeling, custom code management and quality. Does his coding in #adt & promotes it


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Found - again - very nice on & Friends by Jörg Brandeis on his HP:
Looks great to me ... good topic selection and compact information

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Searching for a good solution in to READ / find all MY draft objects to process them. I do not get any keys from the frontend... But how can I manage ... drives me crazy...
Direct select on the draft table was a bad idea... READ needs keys

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Announcing ABAP QuickFixes for S4 Conversions.

Thanks to and Peter Langner for the support and to Timo John for testing. Thanks to Łukasz Pęgiel ~d( abapBlog.com )b~ for the brilliant ABAP QuickFix plugin.

Install from Eclipse MarketPlace marketplace.eclipse.org/content/abap-q… or github.com/lc-leuc/ABAPQu…

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Für alle er bitte guckt euch die Aufzeichnung vom Cadaxo GmbH webinar an:
Super interessantes Thema 'Illegal Statements' und deren Lösung. Hat mich sehr beruhigt. Erklärt die Verwendung von alten BAPIS im RAP
Danke an Johann Fößleitner & Domi Bigl

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Interesting for all freaks using using importing/ Exporting parameters is way slower in RFC connections using classic serialisation technology....😳 Check your critical RFC connections!