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Wicked the Musical fan. Anastasia the Musical fan. Hufflepuff.


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Spent the day in Shipsewana today with a friend of mine and managed to see my cousin dmmetty from Chicago today!! The best surprise ever!! I got the most amazing hug ever and I desperately needed it. … instagram.com/p/B2IMqBkjtma/…

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Who knows where this road may go? The national tour of Anastasia returns tomorrow with performances in Milwaukee, Madison, Denver and Las Vegas this July and August! Join us on the journey - visit AnastasiaTheMusical.com today!

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*places in you the exact right spot so when the wave breaks, all you have to do is jump w your arms forward and ride it toward the shore*
*i know it’s a big wave*
*I’m here too*
*arms forward*
Let’s GO

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Let’s go.
Fear is in the car.
But Fear not driving
or riding shotgun.
Fear can’t touch the radio (we’re blasting Ricky Martin & Bad Bunny today)
Fear is in a rear facing seat in the way back,
And YOU are driving.
You’re a great driver.
Let’s go.

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Trump just said that the four Congresswomen he has been attacking with racist dogwhistles are “free to leave” America. We were told during the internment that we were free to “go back to Japan,” even though most of us were born in America and had never even been there. Enough.

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Double down on listening.
Double down on humility.
Don’t google
‘Double Down sandwich’
Double down on what’s enough.
Double down on gratitude.

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(1/2) Americans are not stupid. We all understood Trump’s
message loud and clear: Congresswomen of color should “go back” to wherever isn’t the white dystopia he is trying to build here. Never mind that 3 of the 4 were born here.

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every night we have cheese time. this is when i am presented. a single slice of cheese for consumption. i know exactly when cheese time is. and delaying it for any reason. is against the law