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Blue dot in a red state. Ready for the chaos to be over. We deserve and can do much better. #voteblue


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If you voted for Greg Abbott, you voted for dumpster diving during winter power outages.

But don't worry, he's building a wall.🙄

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Kevin McCarthy The GOP raised the debt ceiling 3 times while Trump created a record $8 trillion in deficit spending in 4 years.

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BREAKING: Trump-appointed Secretary of Defense, James Mattis believed that Trump would be too aggressive, so he did not tell him about the Chinese spy balloons.

Dear MAGA Republicans. This doesn’t make Trump look good. It makes him look very bad.

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1/ Trump's secy of state Mike Pompeo, who is contemplating a 2024 presidential run, said this last week: 'We delivered a peaceful transition on January 6, 2021, exactly as our Constitution requires.”

Seriously. He said it with a straight face.

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The obvious reason Donald didn’t shoot down the Chinese spy balloons while he was president is because he and his family have business interests there. Besides, he probably gave them all the intel they wanted in exchange for all those fast-tracked Ivanka patents.

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It's always been a mystery to me that Democrats aren't able to push this falsehood back & put the blame where it belongs. Trump added almost $7.8 trillion to the national debt & gave big tax relief to only the wealthiest Americans.

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Shoutout to President Biden for successfully defending us from a Chinese surveillance balloon, rather than ignoring it and securing trademarks for his kid like Trump did

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Guy who thinks the 2020 election was ‘rigged’ with mass voter fraud is accused of committing voter fraud - deadstate.org/guy-who-thinks…

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House Republicans's priorities:

30% sales tax
Hunter Biden
Ilhan Omar
Gas stoves
Woke M & Ms
AP African American History

What ever happened to fighting inflation?

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Kevin McCarthy 222 Republicans have refused to denounce an insurrection attempt.

That’s scary—and it explains a lot about why the GOP has been lying so much these last few years.

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Please watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. She exceptionally laid out Trump's involvement in the Stormy Daniels pay off and how the investigation was squashed by Bill Crook Barr. He Actually blocked Federal or State Prosecutors from further pursuit. Effectively shielding 45.

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We are watching an 80-year-old man get bludgeoned with a hammer (inc. his blood pooling on the floor) because our 'politics' are so toxic that a judge (siding with news organizations) determined it was necessary to stop disinformation -- a lot of it spread on this platform.

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Every Republican who just voted against lower gas prices need to officially shut the f*ck up forever about gas prices.

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It's interesting how the whole 'if they only would have complied' thing only applies to George Floyd and not Ashli Babbitt, isn't it?

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Every single House Republican just voted to block President Biden from selling oil to lower gas prices.

They want you to pay higher prices.