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Twitter for iPhone : BREAKING: Joe Biden will undo Trumpโ€™s policy by restoring flights to Cuba, reestablishing a family reunification program, and lifting caps on money sent to families on the island. RT IF YOU THINK THAT THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

Twitter for iPhone : BREAKING: Photos leak showing Kathy Barnette, a leading Republican candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, marching with the fascist Proud Boys towards the Capitol on Jan 6th right before the insurrection. RT IF YOU THINK THAT SHE MUST BE DISQUALIFIED FROM RUNNING!

Twitter Web App : At 19, he turned down the Chicago Blackhawks to hitchhike 90 miles and enlist to fight the Nazis.

He rarely saw planes as a kid in Saskatchewan, but wanted to fly. 373 combat missions. 19 confirmed aerial victories.

Wing Commander James F. Edwards has died.

Blue skies, Stocky.

Twitter for Android : ppl critising Jack Monroe should know that Jack did a 6 week advertising campaign for Sainsbury's, accepting the equivalent of minimum wage for it, donating the rest of the fee to charities including food banks. ppl questioning the integrity & motives can't hold a candle to Jack.

Twitter for iPhone : Donโ€™t do that! Thatโ€™s bigotry! You are def showing us how discriminate! Very islamophobe! This is the shit I hate !

Twitter for iPhone : All the white wingers saying cooking on a budget is easy, letโ€™s see it. I want your shopping list & 7 day meal plans, to include all 3 meals drink & snacks. Has to meet 5 a day fruit & veg, daily vitamin RDAs, protein targets & fibre. Off you pop, I could do with the competition.