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Twitter for Android : If the Conservative Party was truly taking a populist route, leadership contenders would have the balls to say that Trudeau's mass immigration numbers are completely out of control.

Once again the party is afraid to represent the voters.

Twitter for Android : The Conservative Party is a swamp establishment pro-UN pro-WEF party and will never in a million years allow a real populist to take over the party.

You Poilievre fans are getting duped AGAIN.

You'll find out soon enough and I will be here to tell you that I warned you.

Twitter for Android : All Canadian foreign aid needs to be halted immediately.

It should stay that way until our own financial situation is under control.

When we get to that point, we can decide how much money, if any, will be sent overseas.

Twitter for Android : Segregation based on medical status is still alive and well in Canada.

After we fix that as well as soaring taxes and inflation, insane government overreach and the woke garbage infiltrating everything....THEN maybe we can talk about Ukraine.

Twitter for Android : Justin Trudeau is offering Ukrainians free flights to Canada and free 14 days accommodation once they arrive.

Unvaccinated Canadian citizens are STILL not allowed on an airplane.

Appalling and disgusting.