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Nancy Loves Darshan🧸 || #MannMohini❤️‍🔥💃🏠💙


तेरा होना इक सपना लगदा, बस एक तू ही अपना लगदा⭐💙✨

\\fan account of @DarshanRavalDZ //
Tum Mere --


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Concept which keeps my heart contended:
'Kisi ki khushi mai khush hona seekho, rabb tumhe bhi uss khushi se badhi khushi nawaaze ga.'

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Darshan Raval's love is gonna take over your city!
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living this tl for real, this tour era is going to be imprinted as a strong memory of this fangirling phase in my heart forever🫠💙🧿
may y'all get all the happiness and those who couldn't make it this time we always have a second chance🫶