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Bio JAG type. Bourbon aficionado. Kentuckian turned Gulf Coaster by way of Ohio. All opinions are my own. Likes/RTs not an endorsement.
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Twitter for iPhone : Just took off my four-day weekend nail polish…

Twitter for iPhone : NGL I went to Anne Frank’s secret annex last night and I remain shook.

Screw everyone who sports an “unvaccinated” yellow Star of David comparing what’s happening now to what happened then.

Twitter for iPhone : This reminded me that I once represented a Soldier who was investigated for having a fake funeral for morale when we were on deployment and it sounded like a hilarious time if only he hadn’t put it on YouTube…

Twitter for iPhone : More on the rewatching of A Few Good Men last night:
I really identified with Tom Cruise’s character when he literally knows NOTHING about the military because I found out yesterday that BOG means boots on ground and I’m halfway to retirement 😂

Twitter for iPhone : Last night I made one of my doc friends watch A Few Good Men because he had never seen it and he was so angry at the internist for coming on the stand and saying the rag was poisoned 😂

Glad that was your takeaway, doc 😂

Twitter for iPhone : I am at the stage in this mobilization where I have less than two weeks left so I will be forgoing sleep in favor of socializing, packing, shopping and stressing 🙃

Twitter for iPhone : Tonight I will go to my special German liquor store and buy the rest of his Gold and SFTB Blanton’s, and say goodbye to my best German friend, Hardy.

It will be a sad, expensive day.