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Be careful what you wish for


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Dear football, don’t come home. It’s a trap. We’re being held hostage here by a corrupt nationalist oligarchy, and they want to use you for propaganda. Get away while you still can. Run.

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vække 🌻 Well, there's this one I saw on TV but I don't think it's the one that might be prime minister because this one was intellectually sub-normal and I wasn't entirely sure that she was actually alive at some points. I assume there must be another one. Right?

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Noah, the lad I tweeted about earlier, has been found safe & well. Thank you for helping to spread the word. I have deleted my original post.

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Profoundly dispiriting to observe dud quality of the Tory leadership field of half-wits, ignoramuses, school debate also-rans & ideological robots. But then these people backed Boris so why am I surprised?

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So 32% of people *don’t oppose* private citizens being able to sue anyone who provides or assists an abortion.

And I thought we were fucked here in the UK.

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I’m not even remotely American, but guys, y’all really need a nationwide ban on assault weapons.

Did I do ‘y’all’ right?

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We all know the ‘explainers’ are exemplars of current affairs reporting.

Seeing Ros reporting live, I’m now convinced that he is currently without parallel.

Thinking, speaking, listening, responding, analysing.

Sounds simple.

It’s not.