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Twitter for Android : because for them, the life of Russia depends on stopping NATO from advancing further right into Ukraine, right to their borders. They cannot afford not to fight this war. They cannot afford not to win this war. 3

Twitter for Android : that was worth taking the risk, because it was right on our border, and it threatened us. It was a battle worth fighting and a risk worth taking. The Russians are in this in exactly the mirror image of that situation, 2

Twitter for Android : Col. Richard Black:
“We need to understand the gravity of what we’re doing. Perhaps if it were a matter of life and death for the United States, what happens in Ukraine would be one thing. Certainly, when the Soviet Union put missiles in Cuba that targeted the United States, 1

Twitter Web App : You were decades away from birth when I was raised by Orthodox Jews. My grandfather fought the Czar, my dad liberated concentration camps that took my European family. Both parents came to abhor Israel. You chant obedience to a deadly dark cult. Zionism is a sui generis evil.

Twitter Web App : Not before has it been so absolutely crystal clear that if FARA is to have any meaning whatsoever, AIPAC must be registered under penalty of law as a full-time, full-on mouthpiece, not just for Zionism, but Israel.