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Bio https://t.co/9429cqf7C8 is the world's first completely community-driven decentralized transaction and financial management agreement.All profits belong to the community.
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Twitter Web App : Bunny Army-NEWS
The first-generation bunny has sold more than 3 million USDT.We repurchased 258K JF at a low price.
With the official launch of Bunny Army, bunnies will soon be sold out!
'Ten million $' repurchase program is about to start. Take off $JF🚀

Twitter Web App : Daily released carrots’ amount is 20000000 (20000 BAC).Formula for obtained carrots’ amount per victory: 20000000×level weight÷total weight reached by all players.Only a valuation.Specific daily amount obtained: 20000000×total weight you reach the day÷all players’ total weight