James III: Season of the Witch🧙🏾‍♀️ (@James3rdComedy )

James III: Season of the Witch🧙🏾‍♀️

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Los Angeles, CA : Actual Emmy-Nominated Comedian, Tired. 2x Grammy, Oscar, Nobel Peace Prize, BAFTA & Tony Winner. Martin Scorsese’s ghostwriter. I have a stutter

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New York : Comedian, writer, actor, member of Astronomy Club on Netflix & co-host of @blackmenpodcast. 1 Corinthians 13. Love never fails.

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New York, NY : hey. producer for @Marvel, @GLucasTalkShow, @raaaatscraps. formerly @gethardshow @presidentshow. tweets only reflect me, babyyyyyy.

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Los Angeles, CA : comedian. actor. writer. the best show with tom scharpling. meet my friends the friends. 108.9 the hawk. @goodrockfacts. so far. momrock.

Nashville, TN : Let’s skip the dance and admit this is a Joe Versus the Volcano fan page. Writer/Director. A lady in my local paper once referred to me as “Yo-Yo Idiot Person.”

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Melbourne : There are horrors beyond life’s edge that we do not suspect, and once in a while man’s evil prying calls them just within our range #darkartist #horror #witch

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