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Twitter Web App : Any other countries having a supply chain meltdown like the UK is in 2021, the worst since the 1970s, when the three-day week, power cuts and industrial disputes saw rubbish pile up in the streets....

Thanks Brexit!


Twitter Web App : With news that 'great' Britain is now pumping raw sewage into rivers because of a shortage of water purification chemicals which are being diverted to drinking water (as predicted by Remainers).... is there going to be a run on these?

Twitter Web App : When did we stop caring that the UK Government are allowing Covid to run rampant through the UK?

Clearly the horrendous levels of new infections are entirely preventable.... and all the long covid cases that are coming to bite us in the backside in due course.

Twitter Web App : I've been racking my brains and I cant think of a single gle reason why France would have any interest whatsoever in taking control over the United Kingdoms borders.... even MORESO since this Gvmnt have been banging on about how important it is for the UK to take back control!

Twitter Web App : Clearly all those Brexit lies that were told by the Leave campaigns about how wonderful it will be in Britain after Brexit have found their way around the world... taking back control of our borders seems to make it very attractive to get to the UK.