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Bio Author of Goodnight Loon: Poems & Parodies to Survive Trump, and Goodnight Loon II. Attorney, author, pianist, parodist. Lyrics are mine, typos are Siri's.
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Twitter for iPhone : I’m beginning to think there is a much higher rate of contracting COVID-19 if you are a GOP congressman, conservative pastor, or somebody who listens only to GOP congressmen or conservative pastors

Twitter for iPhone : Virginia, you can do far better than racist, violence loving, vaccine hating, treasonous, traitorous, Glenn Youngkin. Support Terry McAuliffe. He will put Virginians, and our country, first

Twitter Web App : Right.

Did he do a bit about 'Russians colonizing the world' b/c it annexed Crimea?

Or 'The Chinses take over the world' b/c China threatened Taiwan?

He did not.

Stop pretending 'Jews want to control the world' is 'but Palestinians', it's not, it's hatred of Jews.

Twitter for iPhone : Because he is putting his teammates and his fans in danger. It’s not “a mandate”. He was given a choice. He can play for New York and be vaccinated, or refuse the vaccine and not play. He’s free to do what he wants. He is not free to put New Yorkers and his teammates in danger

Twitter for iPhone : Pianist here, and I agree. Madonna is a great entertainer and writer, but literally every song she ever did is in the key of D. Yes, you can check. Karen Carpenter could sing anything.

Twitter for iPhone : You are also our go to on medicine, art, history, inspiration, great quotes. You are one of the most well-rounded and brilliant people I have come across.

Twitter for iPhone : Every time the phone rings, I hope it’s the repair shop telling me that my car is finally ready, after 10 days to fix an oil pan, but nope, telemarketer.

Twitter for iPhone : Not to mention, she has no problem with translation into Chinese despite problems with the Chinese government, no problem translation into Farsi despite abuses by Iran’s government. Ditto, Russia. Stop pretending hatred of Israeli citizens is anything apart from antisemitism

Twitter Web App : Fun fact:

Trump practiced his 'look trumpy for the cameras' look by looking on a mirror while standing in front of an Edsel and repeatedly saying 'yuge'.