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Twitter Web App : Kwasi Kwarteng was personally warned 18 months ago about systemic risk to energy suppliers and the possible need for government action to stabilise the market. He did not prepare, he was complacent, and now we are facing the consequences.

Twitter for Android : After the sacred cows of ending free movement and ECJ jurisdiction (which necessitated leaving the Single Market), a theoretical US trade deal was one of the main engines behind the Brexiter urge to leave the Customs Union too.

To pretend otherwise now is just disingenuous...

Twitter Web App : Today's favourite read... Energy Minister Michael Fallon explaining in 2013 why the government would not be subsidising gas storage to ward off future crises.

Apparently 'the market' would solve the problem automatically with no cost to billpayers. Phew!…

Twitter for iPhone : Some seem to be confused so let me explain. About 30% of US trade is with Canada & Mexico. China accounts for another 13%. As for the UK, it is 2.5%, the same as Taiwan, Vietnam, & India. So when some are confused why a trade deal with the UK isn’t a high priority, now you know.

Twitter Web App : Gibbon: You told us in 2016 a US free trade deal was there for the taking

Johnson: That was the president of the US

G:No, he said you'd be at the back of the queue

J:Previous president said we would do a rapid trade deal

G:Obama said we'd be at the back of the queue

Twitter Web App : In 2015 the National Grid commissioned a study into potential effects of Brexit on Energy supply in the UK.
It was published in March 2016.…

Twitter Web App : We all laugh at the idea that Liz Truss is now our foreign secretary - coz she's a fucking joke. But then you realise that people's lives are at stake and the laughter soon turns to a sense of utter horror.…