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Twitter for Android : Maybe it's the pheromones. Maybe it was the health potion you found. Maybe it's my seductive magic. Either way, you're falling under my spell.

Twitter for Android : Confess your sins while you commit more.

Twitter for Android : I'll start posting my earnings again this month since everyone's so eager to lose to my dungeon. Been doing great since I came back. Now, be a good slave and get some more gold for me.

Twitter Web App : Step into the dungeon. We both know you want to.

Twitter for Android : Be a good dungeon slave and feed my succubi.

Twitter for Android : Be a good dungeon slave and feed my succubi.

Twitter Web App : Imagine getting your levels drained away by a lvl 1 goo girl. So embarrassing.

Twitter for Android : Warning: After long exposure to the pheromone traps, you will experience erotic hallucinations.

Twitter for Android : Do you even remember why you came here? Do you remember the last time you saw the sun? Can you even think past my mind-melting tits? Of course not. Just sit there and let me drain you more.

Twitter for Android : Try to break the spell all you want. You'll never cum until everything you worked for is mine.

Twitter Web App : Not even dommes can resist losing to the seductive traps of my dungeon. There is no hope for you, little adventurer.

Twitter Web App : You've lost so many levels to just the mobs in the dungeon. Did you really think you were ready for the boss~?

Twitter Web App : I enjoyed my thanksgiving thoroughly. I had so many souls to eat~

Twitter for Android : Go through the wrong door and you'll end up on the floor.