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Bio A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases and the new internet economy. $EGLD

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Twitter for iPhone : Building a blockchain that works, is hard.

Building a blockchain that scales, is hard.

Building a blockchain without downtime, is hard.

Building a vibrant community and ecosystem, is hard.

In time, these hard things add up.

Come build with us on Elrond 🔥

Twitter Web App : We are assembling the new internet economy, one building block at a time.
Each one carefully designed and tested, before being committed to what will become the robust foundation of an improved global financial system operating at internet-scale.
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Twitter Web App : The weekly Maiar DEX report is here!

✅ Itheum Metastaking is live: additional up to 30% APR rewards for $EGLD / ITHEUM liquidity providers
💡 Metabonding update: claim multiple weeks of rewards in 1 TX
⚡️ New staking option on the Maiar DEX: BHAT


Twitter for iPhone : Worth restating.

Elrond is in an exceptional position to execute, and reach unprecedented records.

*Whether through hell, or high water, we'll find a way forward.*

But we must remain hyperfocused.
As a team, and community.

Townhall tomorrow 15 UTC 👊

Twitter Web App : NFT technology will be the language that will transport humanity’s greatest achievements, passions, and possessions, into the Metaverse.

Human culture will continue to exist, thrive and evolve, in a space with infinitely more opportunities than constraints.

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