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Twitter for iPhone : Daniel J. Winarick, Ph.D. MR is supposed to measure induction/pattern recognition and FW is supposed to be quantitative reasoning according to the CHC. But I’m not sure either serves a discriminant function relative to say BD and PC, which makes their utility questionable IMO.

Twitter for iPhone : If the WAIS-IV is to be useful for assessing autism spectrum disorder, then it needs bring back WAIS-III Picture Arrangement & make it - along with WAIS-IV Picture Completion - a non-optional Perceptual Reasoning Index subtest.

Twitter for iPhone : How do the cognitive abilities assessed by WAIS-IV Matrix Reasoning & Figure Weights, respectively, differ? What is the difference between inductive & deductive reasoning? These are some of the questions that I occasionally ponder.

Twitter for iPhone : Actually fuck this, I’m going to go old school and see if the doorman can move the car across the street and back in the am to avoid tickets, Seinfeld style. (Fwiw, that episode where George takes over & moves the cars to the other side of the street purportedly on W81st is

Twitter for iPhone : Having a parking spot in NYC should not be costing 1/4 of the cost of childcare…That’s all I’m gonna say. IOW, the cost of one month of parking gets you one week of childcare…Is that normal or sick? I can’t tell tbh…I’m leaning sick…

Twitter Web App : The attempt to submit a false slate of presidential electors on behalf of Michigan to the National Archives is a fraudulent affront to every voter in our state. Today I submitted more evidence to Congress to further assist their investigation into these attacks on our democracy.