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Twitter Web App : I saw this coming a mile away. Quebec's population is shrinking. But Quebec is so special it must be immune to democratic norms that apply to the rest of Canada. Ergo, Quebec gets a special carve-out from the principle of representation-by-population. theglobeandmail.com/politics/artic…

Twitter for iPhone : The juxtaposition between the courage on display by the Ukrainians and the flaccid response by the West of strong supporting words but insufficient sanctions is tearing me apart.

Can’t put boots on the ground, I get that, but FFS make the economic sanctions mean something!

Twitter Web App : So people in Canada are losing their jobs because they donated to a political cause retroactively declared illegal by the federal government, on the basis of being publicly identified by the media, using stolen data from a fundraising website. Totally normally, right?

Twitter for Android : 'It was reported approximately 20 people, some armed with axes, were attacking security guards and smashing their vehicle windows.'

Horrifying. How is this not front-page news?

Twitter for iPhone : * After creating so many regulatory hurdles, roadblocks and uncertainties that the only entity with enough lawyers, cash and time to attempt a Canadian pipeline project is the government itself.