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Twitter Web App : As a listener, you streaming music does not support an artist. The math is simple. Spotify pays $4000 for 1 Million plays. Even if you play a song 1000 times, $4 is generated. Then split between all songwriters/label/whatever the deal is. Find an actual way to support your faves.

Twitter for iPhone : If you’re reading this … You’re going to have an amazing day! Sorry if you didn’t want to… it’s too late now! You’re bound for beautiful encounters and incredible connections ❤️💥

Twitter for iPhone : My desktop is a reflection of how full on things are right now. Just a few more days! 👀

Twitter Web App : On The Nature Of Light, my first art piece, will be released this Friday (24th) with SuperRare 💎.
In this generalized breakdown, I touch on each component, the entire premise, and what I am trying to communicate through creativity, technology, and my own burning enthusiasm.🖤

Twitter for Mac : gn! I really hope you will like what I’ve been building, because it’s been pretty hard, lol. 🥲

Twitter Web App : Alright, SCAMS are getting out of control in NFT land.

Here's a short thread on the different scam types I've seen and some thoughts on keeping safe.

1/ Thread. 👇

Twitter for iPhone : It’s not just through email phishing attempts, but also new exploits include actually interacting with an NFT ie by accepting a bid on an unfamiliar NFT that you were airdropped that can lead to being exploited and having your assets stolen.

Twitter for Mac : I always feel honored hearing about how people experience my music in so many different & personal ways ❤️