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Twitter for iPhone : War criminal and Blair

Twitter for iPhone : If Starmer resigns, The Johnson and Sunak are going nowhere. Because they have the support of those who think Starmer is a hypocrite and that he should resign. Remember these people don’t think Johnson has done anything wrong and because that support, he hasn’t resigned yet.

Twitter for iPhone : Film Official Secrets. To think after all the lies, death & displacement of millions of Iraqis. The birth of Al Qaida and then ISIS and they are giving him a knighthood, it sends the wrong message. He may have done some good, with the GFA, however none of it, outweighs the bad.

Twitter for iPhone : Jill Biden, Bono, Angelina Jolie all visiting/visited Ukraine. Zelensky appears on a live stream for the Oscar/Grammys. All war zones are no go zones. This cultish behaviour is bizarre. I would like to see them do the same for the Palestinians, Yemenis and Sudanese.

Twitter for iPhone : It’s clear The Johnson broke the law. It’s also been stated that Starmer has broken the law. The only difference is, The Johnson broke the law over and over and over and over. One could argue, Starmer made a genuine mistake. The Johnson didn’t respect the rules

Twitter for iPhone : The British government broke international law in a limited and specific way, they like to say. The Americans have broken international law on 3 occasions in my lifetime, the Zionist of Israel are breaking international law. These three are allies and claim to be, the good guys.