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Twitter for iPhone : The US population has risen more than 50% since 1975. The number of hospital beds has decreased nearly 40%. In case you’re wondering why any-vaxxers are now killing people who don’t even have Covid.

Twitter for iPhone : Triage protocols give priority to an unvaccinated symptomatic Covid patient over someone with an inflamed appendix. So, if your appendix ruptures and you die while you’re waiting for a bed, them’s the breaks, I guess. 😡

Twitter for iPhone : Cops aren’t trained to deescalate, or assist people amid a mental health crisis

This is why 911 calls for “wellness checks” often lead to people dead in their homes, on the streets, and in police cruisers


There’s help in your city:

Twitter for iPhone : With just 62% of Americans having received at least one vaccine shot, the United States has now fallen to last place among the G7 wealthiest democracies.…

Twitter for iPhone : Not sure how you justify monitoring protest-related hashtags but not monitoring far-right hashtag activity, given that right-wing extremists were responsible for two thirds of the attacks and plots in the US in 2019 and over 90% in the first half of 2020.…

Twitter for iPhone : “Women had rights in Afghanistan before we disrupted it. We don’t give a damn about women’s rights”.

Long list of reasons by Army veteran Afeni 🔥 | #SaveSilwan on hypocrisy of claim America cares about Afghan women